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What gets spoken
between the fingers.

A sacred keeper
deep, inside the soul.

♥LOVE is
unum necessarium.

Shines through the shadow
as we place a sea shell to our ear.

says yes
to all who ask.


Posted by: Mokasiya | July 19, 2018


Lives inside a wound
of judgment.

Self hate
attacks itself
through another living soul.

A Human
to be loved.

The antidote?
To practice
mindful compassion.


Posted by: Mokasiya | June 18, 2018


Fear 17

I asked a cloud, “are you afraid?”
I believed it winked
and began to thunder
then rained, on my fear parade.

Fear 18

I took fear with me on vacation
I did everything fear wanted
everything fear told me, to do and not to do
we had a lousy time.

Fear 20

The antidote to fear is
Self Love, Compassion
below as above
sings the morning dove.


Posted by: Mokasiya | June 3, 2018

Downward Dog

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
── Groucho Marx

There’s wisdom we can learn from
a downward dog, about some hidden aspect
of ourselves we seem ashamed to love
like a need for approval or
how did I get inside this dog?

I started barking in my yoga class
uneasy giggles filled the room
like a glass with a hole in the bottom
where the water kept running out
and we all pretended not to notice

In child pose, I started kicking and screaming
and then crying for The Beloved
more anxious chortle touched the empty space
self-judgment bladed across my heart
I said, Hello there, then let it go with
love, laughter, and compassion for all the parts.

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Posted by: Mokasiya | May 19, 2018

Some Quotes

Each step is a miracle. Each step is healing.
Each step is nourishing. Each step is freedom.
──Tich Nhat Hanh

“ Conflicts usually arise because people either threaten or fail to fulfill the separate self that we imagine our-self to be.” ──Rupert Spira

“When we know ourselves to be connected to all others, acting compassionately is simply the natural thing
to do. ” ──Rachel Naomi Remen

Two ways we can present ourselves in relationship.
1. “I’ll pretend you are who you think you are if you will pretend I am who I think I am.”
2. “The relationship becomes a yogic path.”
──Ram Dass

“Every time one more person opts for cooperation instead of conquest, the seedbed of an entire society
becomes more fertile.” ──Gloria Karpinski

“Sitting under the mesquite trees,
I hear voices in my head and send them love.”

“The third way beyond fight or flight, a commitment to act in every situation in ways that honor the soul.”
──Parker Palmer

“Let the beauty of what we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

hands 1

Posted by: Mokasiya | March 13, 2018

Ultimate Reality on Hold

Ultimate Reality on Hold

“The Ultimate Reality” got put on hold
Searching for the car keys,
Heating corn tortillas while
Tweeting, and running the bath water

Months passed, as usual, in the calmness and
Craziness of meditation
For no reason, like a habit of opening the fridge
We look in the junk drawer
Among the used double A batteries
Rubber bands from the broccoli period
Screws, wine corks, loose change, broken objects
Of unknown origin
junk dawer

There it was, right where we left it
“The Ultimate Reality”
One of the batteries leaked on it
A cough drop, half dissolved, stuck to its truth
An ink pen bled into its most conscious parts
While string got wrapped all around its reality

Ultimately we were forever grateful
As we wondered, like good capitalists
Might we sell, “The Ultimate Reality”
For hot firm cash?
Or lock it away like
Our private, precious stash.

Posted by: Mokasiya | February 5, 2018


My Wilderness

I love to rise when the sun is still young
walk through the park in this desert city,
like it’s a part of my Inner Wilderness
as I stoop to examine the owl pellets
that lie upon the ground

I stop and watch the ants move along
like thin raisins with legs,
as ground squirrels
nose out of the earth
from their underworld of possibility,
I listen to the talk of trees
eucalyptus and sycamore
and give thanks to our shared belonging,
as if the trees can understand my intention
and I can open up enough to listen
to the roots of their resolve

I touch the names and hearts
carved into their skin,
the rusted staples like tiny hopes
that held up a paper moon
or a flyer that said, lost dog,
I begin to remove those metallic thorns
like sandburs and scabs of my childhood,
before I walk home and bake cornbread
with green chilies and sesame seeds
to nurture my own body
in a way that says,
I love you, I am worthy
and grateful for this day.

This poem is from my new book called: THE BIG EMPTY and OTHER DREAMS
Please contact me through this blog to purchase a signed copy
of this new seventy four page book of playful and soulful poems.

book cover

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There is a line in a song that goes,
“Pray for Peace people everywhere.”
As we recall this season of birth of the Holy Child,
That Holy Child in everyone,
I wonder, as a practice, shall we sing,
Speak and act in ways of peace?
From our hearts and our minds
Our souls and our bodies,
For all sentient beings on this Earth Walk.
Will we open to the Christ Consciousness within us?
Our Buddha Heart, our Divine Nature,
Behold the Universe, The Holy Mother, Holy Father,
Gaia, Allah, God, Elohim, The Great Spirit
And shine our light, everyday,
in every way, into Love.
Is it true we all want to be loved ♥ ♥
Please, practice love people everywhere.
Please, practice peace people everywhere.

Posted by: Mokasiya | November 7, 2017

Nobility in the Far North

This is nobility in the far north,
how it takes a limb pruner
to reap the offering from the garden.
The anticipation of steam and butter
warms the beam on these faces
of Brussels Sprouts Gods and Goddess.


Their working class smiles harvest joy,
like Hobbits of the dream-time.
Who snapped the picture,
who planted the seeds?
as we hunger for the taste
they hold in their hands.
Oh little cabbages! So sweet now
from the first frost, soon oven roasted
with garlic-basil, cream sauce.

Posted by: Mokasiya | October 27, 2017

Saw Whet Owl

Who, Who, Who are you?
Who, Who, Who cooks for you?
saw whet owl
Oh! Night Eagle in the oak tree of light,
who enters the dreamtime on silent flight?
No one can deceive me, so you say
unusual to see you in the light of day.
Trust my intuition, the unseen truth,
a message of the heart, a clairvoyant sleuth.
Perched in the east on this new moon day
spread our wings together, come on lets play.
Resist all temptation to any dark arts
bless your divine soul, love all the parts.
Owl can bring a message in the spirit of a dream
who is calling now, flowing like a stream?


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